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Portrait of a Moroccan Girl

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Emotional Ink Painting

Emotional Ink Painting is an online exhibition of 36 ink wash paintings by Alex Solodov.

Abandoned Europe 2013

In the time of economical crisis in Europe we would like to focus on spiritual value of art in our new exhibition project "Abandoned Europe". The theme of exhibition is an artistic reflection of the other "shadow" part of European life in present and past. Including esoteric traditions in culture as kabbalah and Alchemy and their influence on modern culture.

Art News

Sunset on Atlantic Ocean painting by Alex Solodov - featured as Art of the Day on

Inner Ocean Paintings

«Inner Ocean» serie of paintings that has been created in beautiful surrounding of Atlantic Coast in Portugal. In impressive place where creative process is strong influenced by the nature. In our times of high speed, stresses and new technologies we prefer to think that our language is a language of text (to talk by phone, message, e-mail etc.).
In this serie of paintings Alex Solodov try to refer to the image as more ancient and more powerfull instrument of a language.

World Press Cartoon 2013 in Sintra, Portugal.

After several months of living in Portugal, with the long period of adaptation to the new condition of life, I would like to write about the recent art event, that I went in Sintra (beautiful old town near Lisbon) - World Press Cartoon 2013.

Featured Artwork

Model in Blue - oil pastel painting by Alex Solodov

Oil pastel painting from Fashion Girls serie. Inspired by fashion photographs. Created in oil pastel and ink technique with adding of acrylic paint. In expressionism style.
"Ink paintings by Alex Solodov are mostly the portraits. In process of painting they are transformed into surreal images of “invaders” which can exist only between dream and reality."

New Video Art

New Art Video “Ink Painting Live” by Alex Solodov. In this video Alex Solodov performs his method of ink wash painting with photograph. Alex Solodov tries to show how the image is changing during the performance. And that every moment of painting has a meaning. No correction are made in the process of painting. - See more at:

Remembering Paris video includes the rare footage with the Effel tower in Paris in 1913 and photography artworks created in 2013 by Alex Solodov. This is imaginary travel in time...

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