Alex Solodov Art

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  1. Eternal Snow, 2019

    acrylic, ink, pastels on paper, 42x68 cm

  2. Girl in Rainy Window, 2019

    watercolor, inks, oil pastels on paper, 45x28 cm

  3. Zombie Queen, 2018

    ink on paper, 43x69 cm

  4. Meditation, 2018

    ink on paper, 43x100 cm

  5. Lovers, 2018

    watercolor, inks and oil pastels on paper, 31x44 cm

  6. Japanese Schoolgirl Smiling, 2018

    watercolor, ink and oil pastels on paper, 28x54 cm

  7. In the Mirror, 2018

    ink and sepia on paper, 44x70 cm

  8. Punk Girl in Profile, 2018

    ink on paper, 44x69 cm

  9. Nude Girl Looking, 2018

    watercolor and ink on paper, 31x50 cm

  10. Into the Storm, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 85x65 cm

  11. Japanese Girlin Blue, 2018

    pastels on paper, 29x41 cm

  12. Japanese Girl in Paris, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 65x45 cm

  13. Summer Heat in Evora, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 70x90 cm

  14. Girl in Blue Gloves, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 65x70 cm

  15. Washing Her Hair, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 65x75 cm

  16. Japanese Schoolgirl with Gun, 2018

    watercolours and ink on paper, 35x50 cm

  17. Golden Snake, 2018

    watercolor, acrylic and ink on paper, 35x55 cm

  18. John Lennon Reincarnation, 2018

    watercolour, ink and oil pastels on paper, 26x45 cm

  19. Asian Girl in Red, 2018

    watercolor, ink and oil pastel on paper, 44x50 cm

  20. Sorrow Model in Profile, 2018

    ink on paper, 50x70 cm

  21. Spirit of temple in Mountains, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 60x70 cm