Alex Solodov Art

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  1. Summer Heat in Evora, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 70x90 cm

  2. Lisbon in Winter, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

  3. In the Window, 2017

    acrylic on canvas, 70x90 cm

  4. Canal in Osaka, 2017

    watercolours and ink on paper, 38x24 cm

  5. Evening Rhapsody of Lisbon

    ink on paper, 60x43 cm

  6. Old Street in Lisbon, 2017

    water-colour, sepia and ink on paper, 24x37 cm

  7. Old Houses in Bucharest, 2017

    watercolours, sepia and ink on paper, 24x18 cm

  8. Traffic in Moscow, 2017

    watercolours, ink and sepia on paper, 24x18 cm

  9. Lisbon City of Stairs, 2017

    watercolours and inks on paper, 27x35 cm

  10. Stairs of Lisbon, 2017

    watercolours, sepia and inks on paper, 42x40 cm

  11. Night Rain in Lisbon, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm