Alex Solodov Art

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  1. Japanese Schoolgirl Sitting with Katana, 2017

    water-colour and ink on paper, 35x58 cm

  2. Japanese Geisha with Katana, 2017

    inks on paper, 43x69 cm

  3. Counterpart, 2015

    water-colour and oil pastels on paper, 65x44 cm

  4. Japanese Schoolgirl with Gun, 2015

    water-colour on paper, 30x50 cm

  5. Japanese Schoolgirl with Katana, 2015

    water-colour and inks on paper, 30x55 cm

  6. Girl with Katana, 2013

    ink on paper, 50x65 cm

  7. Young Samurai, 2014

    ink on rice paper, 30x40 cm

  8. On the Edge, 2013

    ink on paper 50x65 cm