Alex Solodov Art

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  1. Eternal Snow, 2019

    acrylic, ink, pastels on paper, 42x68 cm

  2. Girl in Rainy Window, 2019

    watercolor, inks, oil pastels on paper, 45x28 cm

  3. Zombie Queen, 2018

    ink on paper, 43x69 cm

  4. Arabian Girl in Istanbul, 2018

    watercolor, ink and oil pastels on paper, 27x50 cm

  5. In the Mirror, 2018

    ink and sepia on paper, 44x70 cm

  6. Japanese Girlin Blue, 2018

    pastels on paper, 29x41 cm

  7. Japanese Girl in Paris, 2018

    acrylic on canvas, 65x45 cm