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Alfama Fest

On the feast day of St Anthony, patron saint of Lisbon, in Alfama, the city’s oldest quarter,
Alfama festival fill with the smell of sardines being grilled outside little houses and restaurants.
And of course a popular soundtrack for these activities is Fado - the melancholy Portuguese music.
Also mass marriages, known as St Anthony’s Weddings, take a place during the festival.

Alfama Fest, 2015acrylic on canvas, 54x73 cm

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Lisbon Tram

Trams in Lisbon is an unique part of city life. They are in operation since 1873.
The five remaining lines still in use since 1959 and now they look very vintage.
In this painting I tried to catch especial moment when the tram is arriving on the final station.
And to express in this painting the especial atmosphere of an old vintage movie.

Lisbon Tram, 2015acrylic on canvas, 73x54 cm

Alfama Grill

Acrylic painting, cityscape view on vintage cafe grill in Alfama, inspired by atmosphere of this famous old district of Lisbon.
Alfama grill in a restaurant outside patio in a great location in the back streets of Alfama that gave a good excuse to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Alfama Grill, 2015acrylic on canvas, 73x54 cm

Three Graces of Lisbon

Three Graces or Χάριτες [kʰáritɛːs] is a minor goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility.
In old traditional painting the symbolism of these goddesses was an important part of home decoration bringing the energy of harmony to the house.

Three Graces of Lisbon, 2015acrylic on canvas, 73x54 cm

Cat in Alfama Window

Acrylic cityscape painting portrayed a cat in the window in Alfama, central district in Lisbon, Portugal.
Alfama is famous for its beautiful vintage houses, shops and cafes.
Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon and is a delightful maze of narrow streets, which lead from the Tejo estuary uphill to the castle.
Contained within this ancient district there are some of Lisbon’s most historically important buildings including the Se Cathedral,
Lisbon Castle, National Pantheon and Saint Anthony’s Church.
In this painting artist used expressionist brush painting technic for capturing a simple view from everyday life in Lisbon.

Cat in Alfama Window, 2015acrylic on canvas, 50x49 cm